Smart Ways To Use Salt

1) Do you know that you can refresh the air of your environment with Safir Salt? . Just cut an orange or lemon in half, remove pulp, and fill it in with Safir Salt It will provide a pleasant, aromatic scent anywhere in your home..

2) To eliminate the smell stemming the cooked fish from your hands; Just rub your hands with a lemon wedge dipped in salt, then rinse with water. The smell will vanish immediately..

3) It is possible to clean the rust at the bottom your iron with Safir Salt. Pour some Safir Salt onto a white paper and iron the paper. Rust will vanish in few minutes..

4) You can say goodbye to rust everywhere with Safir Salt . pour the mixture of Safir Salt and lemon juice on a piece of cloth and rub the area. Rust will disappear..

5) To patch small nail holes and fine cracks on walls , mix 2 tbsp of Safir Salt, 2 tbsp of cornstarch, and 4- 5 tsp of water to make a thick, pliable paste. Fill hole and let dry, then paint..

6) You may get rid of the bad odor and clean your chopping board at the same time. Just pour Safir Salt to a damp cloth and rub the chopping board then wash it with hot water. Now you have a odorless and hygienic board..

7) It is easy to shine your glass vases again with Safir Salt. Just mix Safir Salt and vinegar to form a paste. Apply it to vase and wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with hot water..

8)To clean artificial flowers mix Safir Salt and Water in a spray case and apply it on the flowers..

9) To make pantyhose more resistant to runs, wash new pantyhose and allow dripping dry. Then mix Safir Salt with water and immerse pantyhose. Soak for couple of hours, rinse in cool water, and drip dry.

10) To quickly chill a bottle, place the bottle in an ice bucket or other tall plastic container. Add some ice and Safir Salt Then add water to ice level. After 10-15minutes, open and serve. Rinse ice bucket thoroughly after use..

11) To rest your tired feet you can use Safir Salt. Pour hot water in to a basin and few spoons of Safir Salt and baking powder. Soak feet for up to 15 minutes. Warning: People living with diabetes or individuals with poor circulation should consult their physician before using..

12) If you have a sore throat gargle your throat with Safir Salt and clean water. You will realize the relaxation. If you still have problems consult a doctor..

13) If you don’t like peeling eggs add a spoon of Safir Salt into boiling water. It will make it easier to peel the eggs..

14) You may add Safir Salt while washing your carpets and curtains to make them look more brilliant..

15) Its easier to clean oil, juice and wine stains if you clean them immediately. When the stain is new pour some Safir Salt on it wait for a while and wash it..

16) If you don’t want your peeled potatoes getting darker put the potatoes in to a basin and fill it with water then add some Safir Salt in it!.

17) You may stop your breads getting moldy by putting a pinch of Safir Salt in to your bread box..

18) To eliminate sputter add a pinch of Safir salt into oil before warming it..

19) If there are oil stains on your pans, fill them with water and add a spoon of Safir Salt and boil it. Stains will vanish..

20) You can unplug your sinks without using any chemicals. Pour one table spoon of baking soda and one table spoon of Safir Salt into your sink. Wait for 15 minutes then pour half glass of vinegar and wait for 10 more minutes and finally pour hot water on it. Your sink will be unplugged..

21)You may find out if your eggs are fresh or not by using Safir salt. Put two teaspoons of Safir salt in a cup of water and place an egg in it–a fresh egg will sink, an older egg will float.

22)A dash of salt added to the water in a flower vase will keep cut flowers fresh longer.

23)Soak toothbrushes in salt water before your first use; they’ll last longer.

24) You may brush your teeth with Safir salt and baking soda mixture. Dip your toothbrush in the mix and brush as usual.

25) You can mix Safir salt and baking soda in a glass of water and rinse your month with it to avoid smell and wounds.

26) For bee stings, Immediately dampen area and pack on a small pile of Safir salt to reduce pain and swelling.

27) A saltwater soak can do wonders for that special mosquito-bite itch–a poultice of salt mixed with olive oil can help too.

28) Grab somef table salt and use it to line the base of the bin. The salt will absorb odors and help to freshen your kitchen bin.