SAFİR Salt Food, Mining, Marketing, Distribution, Construction, Import/Export Industry and Trade inc., which was founded as the first Rock Salt factory of Turkey with the association of Çantaş Çankırı Salt Products Production and Distribution Inc. affiliated by 2nd Special Provincial Administration of Governorship of Çankırı is located at the 4th km. of Çankırı Ankara Highway. Our facility is 130 km. away from Ankara; the capital city of Turkey and it is located on 41.450 m2 area.

SAFİR Rock Salt Company operates a salt cave, which has been used since Hittite civilization and has not been affected from environmental pollution. The mined raw salt from the cave is refined, then it is exposed to various tests and certified by not only the Safir Laboratory located inside the facility but also by internationally accredited bodies before shipment.

At the present time, salt has about 14.000 different ways of utilization including cuisine as table salt, water softening, textile industry, de-icing and anti-icing, cosmetics and medical industry. Moreover, Safir Salt meets the needs of all customers according to both Institutions of Turkish and International Standards.

SAFİR Salt distributes our staple food salt, which is one of the major gifts of nature to all living creatures.

SAFİR Rock Salt Company is producing salt products by improving and increasing in size day by day via following the technological developments closely. Furthermore, the company has been in service with world-class quality for human beings, nature and economy of our country under the strict supervision of the public organizations regarding, especially environmental requirements, social security requirements and Quality Management System.

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