0 – 15 mm de-icing and anti icing salt.


The dictionary meaning of salt is; (NaCl) an odorless crystal element found in nature, that dissolves in water which is used for preservation of food and raw stuff, which also gives a salty taste to food but; salt is much more important than its dictionary meaning for life. Salt contains vital minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium. These minerals make our body functioning well, support a healthy blood circulation and strengthen our muscle system. It helps us to have a healthy and dynamic life by regulating our acid-base and electrolyte balances.

Yetişkin bir insan vücudunda ortalama 250 gr. Tuz bulunur. İnsan vücudunun ihtiyacı olan tuz miktarı günde 6 gramdır. Aşırı tuz tüketimi hücrelerin çok fazla sodyum tutmasına sebep olur. Bu durum ödem ve şişkinlik, su kaybı ve susuzluğa yol açabilir. Çok fazla miktarlarda tüketilen tuz tansiyonun yükselmesine yani hipertansiyona sebep olabilir. Bununla birlikte 6 gr. dan daha az tüketimi de olumsuzluklar yaşatabilir. Örneğin; sodyum eksikliği, halsizlik, yorgunluk ve tansiyon düşmesi gibi rahatsızlıklar gözlenebilir.

An average adult body contains 250 gr. salt. Average salt consumption of a human body should be 6 grams per day. Overconsumption of salt causes cells to retain too much sodium. In this case edema, bloating, dehydrantion and thirst can be experienced. In addition, overconsumption of salt can cause hypertension. Besides consuming less than 6 grams of salt can cause health problems such as lack of sodium, weakness, fatigue and drop in the blood preasure.

Rock salt deposits, the hidden treasure under the ground, are formed of evaporation and desiccation of sea and closed basins at geological times. Inside the caves there is nothing toxic and the rocks taken from that clean environment are transferred to the facility. First step at the facility is crushing. Rocks become small stones in this step then they are melted at the pool, getting ready for the decontamination. During the decontamination step, salt is separated from clay and other foreign substances. At evaporation process, salt is evaporated and they become salt crystals. Those crystals are put into centrifuge machine. When the centrifuge process is over salt is ready for the last step: dryer. After being dried, steps of refining procedure are over. We would like to indicate that during all those steps our salt is analyzed at both local and international labs and only then is ready for consumption. After packaging it is delivered to the domestic market and worldwide.

One of the most important things regarding salt consumption is the source of the salt. Nowadays sea and lakes are getting polluted day by day. On the contrary salt mines are still clean as they are under the ground. The healthiest salt for our body is the one without getting effected by the waste materials. Moreover rock salt is good for migraine headaches, gout illness, power loss of muscles and asthma.

Iodine is an essential mineral for our body to have a healthy metabolism.

Iodine is one of the vital minerals for health and its main function for our body is to secrete hormone from thyroid gland at our neck. Iodine is essential for proper work of thyroid gland which has role in thermoregulatory, physical activities, nervation, brain functions and body development. Pregnant women should get enough iodine in order to keep the baby healthy. The best method for iodine deficiency and prevention of goiter illness is to iodize salt. Unless indicated otherwise by doctors it is recommended to consume iodized salt. In order to keep the salt iodized it should be kept in cool and dry environments in sun proof, proper containers.

During pregnancy, iodine deficiency may cause miscarriage, stillbirth, mental and physical dysfunctions. During childhood and teenage periods iodine deficiency may cause mental and physical dysfunctions. During adulthood stage iodine deficiency may cause mental and physical dysfunctions and goiter.

Malnutrition is the one of the main problems of this era. Not enough consumption of fruits and vegetables or consuming inorganic fruits and vegetables cause lack of minerals in our body. In need of minerals, our body tries to supply desiderata from salt that is why we want to consume more salt

As is known 70% of an average human body is water. As we can’t live without water we can’t live without salt too because the water in the body is retained by the proper level of salt.

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